International Pigeons Derby Center Radevo 2014

We are inviting you to take part in the international Pigeon Race- center Radevo (Nova Zagora). It will be an even greater honour for us if you accept our invitation. The Pigeons reception starts on the 1 of March and finish on 1 of May 2014. The participation fee is 25 Euro per pigeon.t An auction will take place after the race and all the winner-pigeons will be sold as the sum total will be shared out 50% between the pigeons owner and the Pigeon center Redevo. Pigeons which are late and do not arrive in Birlad Derby are also sold by an auction and if there is no one wiiling for, the pigeons owner can buy it for 10 Euro. Birds which are not purchased will become property of the International pigeon Race-Center Redevo.

To participate:
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GSM: +359878527870

Pigeons Derby Center Radevo 2008-2014
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